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Operate your Diesel Engine on Natural Gas and Save
Performance & Benefits

Installation of the GTI BI-Fuel System in no way compromises the performance of the generator relative to the rated load of the machine. A generator with a 1000 kW stand-by rating which has been retrofitted to GTI Bi-Fuel System will still provide 1000 kW of power in both 100% diesel and Bi-Fuel modes. In other words, the generator is not de-rated after installation of the Bi-Fuel System. Similarly, there is no decrease in generator load response or stability while operating in either fuel mode.

Summary of Dual-Fuel Benefits

  • Convert any Diesel Engine
  • Generators, Ind. Engines, Marine
  • Extend Oil Changes, Engine Life
  • Full Power, normal Temperatures
  • Run Bi-Fuel or 100% Diesel
  • Lower Emissions-C.A.R.B.
  • Smaller Diesel Fuel Tanks Needed
  • Costs much less than Gas Engines
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