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Operate your Diesel Engine on Natural Gas and Save
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The following information is needed to properly determine the correct GTI Bi-Fuel System for each application.
What is the Make of the Engine?
What is the Model of the Engine?
How many Air Cleaners?
How many Turbos?
Turbo Inlet Size? (inches)
VGT - Does the engine have a new
Variable Geometry Turbo?
Does the engine have an Wastegate? (IMPORTANT)
How many Exhaust Manifolds?
Is the Engine 2 or 4 stroke?
Is the Engine 12V or 24V DC power system?
Is the Engine 'In-line' or 'V' type?
Does the engine have an 'Isochronous' governor?
What is the kW Engine Power Rating? Standby kW
  Prime kW
  Continuous kW
What is the Maximum kW Load Requirement? Standby kW
  Prime kW
  Continuous kW
What is the engine application?
Generator Standby Power
Prime Power
Continuous /
100% Duty Cycle
Parallel to Grid
Pumping Does pump(s) have
isochronous governor?
What is the source of natural gas?
Will gas supply maintain 3psi (+/- 1psi) or
flow of 8 scfh x per KW?
Is a gas analysis available?

* Company
* Name
* Phone
* Email
* GTI Representative
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